Welcome to RedHatsville, a cheery suburb of Gnomesville.

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  1. Gnome Penny

    I what some funny name for gnomes,to rime with penny. Or Kiwi. Have you any????

  2. Teresa

    A much bigger area than we thought. The gnomes do need some tender loving care, must be hard to achieve being so far from anywhere.
    Was hard to stand still long enough to obtain some good photos as there seems to be lots of gnome guards, namely March flies.
    There were so many, not the odd one or two we are used to and bigger and noisier than average.
    Make sure, if you are visiting the gnomes, to plaster on plenty of insect repellent, or be prepared to continually stamp your feet, that scares them but not the gnomes.
    Still enjoyed our visit, very unique.

    • gnomemaster gary

      I have many gnomes in my home and garden. I have gnome pillows,sheets,socks.shirts,pants. I know a few words in gnomenesse.

  3. Great Site!
    All Garden Gnome in Germany are very proud to see Gnomesville.
    Some of our Gnome try to make Holidays in Gnomesville.
    But sorry, it is so far away….
    Best wishes from the Chiefgnome (Germany),

  4. Good on you gnomes ville we hope you. Continue to grow as a little lovely town,look out for each other love Bren

  5. Very beautiful place and idea :)

  6. Jupira

    I have lots of gnomes living in my house and they got crazy about visiting this place.Me either ! I do hope I can take one or two with me and travel to Australia someday.Regards from Brazil – no,my gnomes dont play football :-)

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