1. Bunbury is a big local city on the coast of Western Australia some 200km south of Perth and is about 30 minutes away from the Gnomesville location on the Ferguson Valley road/ Wellington road intersection.
  2. Click for the Google map and route then print it.   (probably the best instructions if you have the updated Google maps)
  3. Directions from Bunbury WA.   The total drive 34.4 km which takes 33 min.
Australia Post Office, Victoria St, Bunbury WA 6230, Australia
Gnomesville Route  Near Bunbury
Head east on Victoria St
200 m   Turn right onto Spencer St
1.0 km
At traffic lights veer left onto Forrest Ave.
Gnomesville Route  Picton - Boyanup road
2.4 km   Right onto Picton Rd
 750 m   Road becomes South Western Highway at lights
2.8 km  Turn right onto Boyanup-Picton Rd
170 m   At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on Boyanup-Picton Rd
Gnomesville Route  Picton - Boyanup Rd to Ferguson Rd
7.6 km  Turn left onto Ferguson Rd
Gnomesville Route  Picton -Ferguson Rd to Wellington Mill Rd
12.6 km  Turn left onto Wellington Mill Rd  (Don’t miss this one but if you do, don’t worry Ferguson Rd gets there too)
Gnomesville - Wellington Mill Rd to Gnomesville
7.1 km Roundabout is destination (Ferguson Rd and Wellington Lowden Rd)


Gnomesville map


Or, for the South-Up view for the truly confused:

Australia Downunder Corrective Map