Binocular Gnome wearing thongs (Aus) (flip-flops elsewhere)

Of course, most Gnomes from Gnomesville Australia come from Australia.

True blue, mate. (The Gnomish idiom sounds rather different to our ears.)

This bloke could be at home on Bondi Beach, the Gold Coast, or Cottesloe.

Frankly, though, I suspect he is using the binoculars to look at Busty Gnomettes rather than the surf.

Sunnies (sunglasses), thongs (flip flops if you’re from somewhere else), and boardies (boardshorts = swimming trunks) are the basic dress code for the beach-loving Gnome from Oz.

Of course, a VB tinnie (beer) would be appropriate, but Gnomish tastes are different and the cocktail in a red hat glass seems to be a favourite drop.